Bear Facts


So you may ask…

                        What exactly do Moving Bears™ do?


  • Move stuff from here to there
  • Organize stuff anywhere
  • Remove unwanted items
  • Beautify cave surroundings
  • Clean cave once or regularly
  • Open to do-able tasks not mentioned
  • Dress up a Moving Bear™, attend event?


Yes, as our name implies, we first started in MOVING.

Moving STUFF from one cave to the next or just around the same cave too! And then we thought, maybe we can share a bit more honey.

In the spirit of our purpose,  if you want to something done and you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself and you are willing to compensate someone to handle it, call Moving Bears™. We are on the move for you!

If you require one or many bears to assist you personally, temporarily for your company and the task is moving or otherwise, big or small, give us a call!


Call: Moving Bears™  …on the move for you!

Whether it is your primary sleeping cave, your office cave, your storage cave or your friends cave etc… Our Moving Bears™ will move, organize, or clean the whatever and get it done.

Our Moving Bears™ also assist in cleaning out the mini caves within your cave (garage- closets). Hect we will even help you dress up the outside of your cave (yard cleaning etc…) Moving Bears can even do windows, just ask! (note: we send our select gentle moving bears for delicate tasks!)


Keep in mind, and to keep everything sweet, it is best to reserve your Moving Bear™ as much in advance as possible. We will however do everything in the woods possible to get you a bear in a flash! Just call!




ask for Papa Bear




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