Bear Manager


WR, Entrepreneur and Innovator, has been intensively involved in small-business behavioral management for over twenty years, particularly in product design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. He was born in Detroit Mich., and has enjoyed over 25 years as a businessman and calls Florida home. WR has created diverse sales and marketing platforms to accommodate Estate planning, Insurance, Transportable office computer systems, Fire systems, along with manufacturing in his art studio an aesthetic array of wind instruments. 12 years were dedicated entirely to manufacturing, promotions, sales and distribution of his art designs.

The recent development of Moving Bears™ is the implementation of a much studied need in the consumer services sector. WR once again brings his unusual twist to tried and true needs of people!

Although he alone oversees these entire structural units, his Society Nights Productions Inc. team, principals and associates interpret and implement tasks and activities towards the achievement of Society Nights Productions Inc.’s ultimate goal — maximizing for all those involved profits, and loyalty through a value-laden  unique and effective services style.

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